Cat Arnold

For too long residents’ views have gone unheard by WSCC’s Executive – it has lost the ability to consult, listen and act in the best interest of its recipients.

WSCC need to become more accountable to the taxpayer. The use of privatised services should be halted – encouraging the uptake of The Preston Model to find new cashflow opportunities. Lessons need to be learnt from the HR strategy employed, never again should we see the Nathan Elvery pay-off situation; an issue hidden out of view and deemed to be an inconvenience to question. We enter a critical time of reduced central government funding, reduced council tax receipts and increased public service need due to Covid19 and recession. All coupled with boundary changes and White Paper calls for Unitary Authority’s. Having our Labour councillors front and centre is vitally important to limit the damage to our resident’s lives and fight for their rights.

I will push through Children’s Services Report recommendations and the cultural change needed to make this happen, lobby to uphold the Climate Emergency, push for a strategy for funding a sustainable re-cycling & refuse service and ensure WSCC school’s allocation is fit for purpose. I will be there to lobby and challenge all the major priorities.

I look forward to joining our inspiring Labour colleagues at County Hall.

Caroline Baxter

  • CLP Vice-chair Campaigns Officer working on local elections delivering Labour councillors to our borough and district councils, member mobilisation, campaigns, community organising and other key events.
  • Chair – Sompting Parish Council and appointed as Parish Representative on the Adur District Council Joint Governance Committee, for standards purposes.
  • Trustee – Les Alden Foundation (Worthing Food Foundation)

Hi, I’m Caroline Baxter and I have been a Labour Party member for almost 3 years. I’m also a member of Community Union.

As a businesswoman working in the Motor Trade, I’ve faced struggles and challenges that make me even more committed to securing a better future for women in work, business and politics. I’m determined to fight for better representation of women and promote equal opportunity in our society.

As Chair of Sompting Parish Council, I have gained great insight to the workings of government at district/borough council levels, public meetings, chairing meetings and making democratic, informed decisions. I have been involved in many community actions and events, including festivals, environmental projects, general council duties and local issues. I have also assisted with stakeholder projects including organising, funding, donations and gifts to local charities.

I do a lot of local work in East Worthing including assisting with the setting up and running of the Worthing Food Foundation, helping alleviate poverty, hunger and food insecurity in our local area.

As a Labour Councillor I would drive forward Labour policy and socialist values to represent and support those who are no longer provided for or represented in our community and those suffering as a result of the Tories destructive and devastating austerity driven agenda.

There is a huge lack of accountability at Borough council level. I believe residents should be involved in holding councillors and officers to account to ensure their views are represented fairly and democratically.  I am committed to ensuring our diverse community has fair and balanced representation at Council.

I would love your support as a Labour candidate.

We can win 2021 elections with our people led movement in wonderful East Worthing and Shoreham. If selected, I will work hard to deliver our party pledges and policies and campaign for a better future with Labour.

It has never been more important to be part of our grassroots movement to deliver a socialist led Labour council and government for the future of our communities.

Ibsha Choudhury

My name is Ibsha Choudhury. I am from Bangladesh. 19 years ago, l moved to Worthing and am living with my family. I was a businessman, Civil Enforcement Officer and now self-employed.
I am a Labour Party activist and have always been interested in Labour Party politics and values. I will be closely working with the party and leadership to promote Labour policy, values and also fulfill manifesto commitments. I have seen and worked with many vulnerable and disadvantaged who were unable to express their voice and therefore I acted
as their voice. If I am selected and elected, I will do my utmost best to represent those communities and their voice. I am hoping to be a bridge builder between BAME communities and others. I shall support our education, homeless, small businesses, safety and security (Police) and make sure public services are improved including transport.

I aim that if we work together, we will be able to make our community safe and satisfactory and a society that we can be proud of. If I am given this opportunity, I will work with authority and communities to make things
better. I am sure I can make a difference.

Thank you.

Henna Chowdhury

I am fully committed to be a voice for the under-represented and unheard sections of our society. I have shown through my community activity and outreach work that I can channel support and bring together disparate groups to achieve one unified aim. I have extensive experience of public speaking and I believe I have a real connection with the “man (woman) in the street”. I am looking forward to being allowed the privilege and the honour to represent my community at a higher level and relish the inevitable challenges and opportunities this would afford.

Rebecca Cooper

I am a mum of two, living and working as a Public Health Doctor in Worthing. I have been involved in our local Labour Party for several years and am pleased and privileged to to be the Leader of the Opposition in Worthing Borough Council. As the opposition, we have held the Conservative administration to account on their previously complacent and unchallenged decision making. We have raised issues and proposed alternatives in Council budget setting, local planning, and development of our community spaces. We have joined and supported local community groups and highlighted the poor offer for our town, and suggested community led alternatives.

Many of the issues that local constituents raise are County issues, and I would like the opportunity to represent my area at County area to tackle these more effectively. I will take my experience as a Borough Councilor to help me to be an effective advocate for our Communities at a County level. Worthing has been consistently under-represented and under-resourced at County level. Labour representation will help to begin to redress this balance, particularly in ensuring a supportive and enabling environment for more deprived communities in our area.

Lee Cowen

I’m married and a father of twins. Been living in Lancing for 10 years and finally joined the party 5 years ago to campaign for Ed Miliband. I’m a member of the Prospect Union. I work as a programmer in the Computer game industry and have worked on BAFTA award winning games. I’m a diligent and organised party campaigner with a knowledge of most of the Labour party campaign resources.

I’m the leader of the Labour group and leader of the opposition on Adur District council and sit on Adur’s Planning Committee. I also sit on Lancing Parish Council and chair the Amenities & Environment committee.

I bring some experience and a level head and base my decisions on a careful thought process. I try my best to engender positive relationships with officers and opposition councillors. I’m not one to scream and shout instead retaining a modicum of respect for everyone who puts themselves forward for public service but holding them to account when it’s required. It might not be for everyone but it works for me. That doesn’t mean I can’t be tough when I want to be and there have been occasions when I’ve had to exert authority.

The Tory executive on Adur District Council have shown contempt for the residents it’s supposed to serve and this attitude is endemic across Tory councils in West Sussex. They believe they’re entitled to run every single council. This became clear when I was elected to Lancing Parish Council at the time it switched to UKIP control. What followed was 4 years of ‘throwing their toys out of the pram’ instead of working for the people who elected them.

As Labour has made advances in council seats their attacks have intensified. They absolutely see the threat we pose to their hegemony and their cosy relationship with the private sector.

I’ve worked hard to represent Mash Barn and Lancing at Adur District Council, bringing forward Labour values and building up a personal trust with residents. I know the people here and I know the issues and this places me as the best candidate to run for this county seat.

I seek to help constituents become better informed about their local council’s obligations towards them. I will ensure Conservative Party Councillors are held to account on the basis of their duties under the Localism Act, their Equality Duties and their constituted obligations as set out in their Code of Conduct.

I will work hard to promote and advance the root values of the Labour Party and strive to discharge my duties consistent with those values.

Don Fraser

Labour Party activist.

A pledge – Should you endorse my candidacy as the prospective Labour Party County Councillor for Midhurst or the Rother Valley in May 2021, I will base the campaign to become elected upon the following premise – In respecting the Midhurst or Rother Valley electorate, whosoever they may be, I will view the role of County Councillor as a way to explore the possibilities of service towards the community in which I now live.

This, by listening to you and others. Seeing and agreeing on what needs to be done, in relation to the County Council. And acquiring the wisdom to ensure that the ways and means used to achieve positive outcomes are comprehensively effective.

I’ve been a Labour Party activist since leaving university in 1977. I’ve worked on successful campaigns to help get Ken Livingston elected as Brent East MP and then as Mayor of London. Ditto, Wes Streeting, Ilford North’s MP. Overcoming a 10,000 plus Tory Majority in the 2015 GE. Ditto, Sadiq Khan to become Mayor of London in 2016.

Why am I standing?

To find out exactly why there are only 4 Labour Party Councillors out of the 70 that make up the Council. The Tory Party have 53. The Liberal Democrats 9. That needs to change.

Steve Gilbert

As a local resident for over 25 years I feel strongly invested in the area. I think the long standing and sizeable Tory majorities at WSCC have led to complacency and disconnection with communities. Recent events at County level raise serious concerns about the competence and accountability of the administration. I would seek to challenge this status quo, hopefully working as part of a substantial Labour group on the Council. Drawing on my experience of working in the environmental sector for over 30 years I would take a strong interest in holding the Council to account with regard to the climate and ecological crises that we face, in particular striving to make WSCC’s own climate emergency declaration a core part of its operations.

Catherine Glynne-Davies

I’ve had a wealth of experience, and part of this has been in corporate employment for a top people’s store in Piccadilly, and many high-profile corporations (in my twenties). I’ve worked in Local Government – the Legal Department in Islington and understand how they work. I hate injustice. I was an advocate for my brother, who had learning difficulties, and learnt how to manage his passage through ‘the system’. I worked for a charity and managed a home for people with learning difficulties with a large staff team. I came to teaching late and began my career at Ford Prison. This gave me a unique insight into the Judiciary and Criminal Justice System, and to the socio-economic problems which led to men being incarcerated. I worked there with Home Office detainees and began to have some understanding of borders and immigration status, and how this affects people’s lives. I taught people from minority groups, such as travellers, and forces veterans who had fallen foul of the system.

Not least of all, I have four grown up children and four grandchildren who live locally. Two of my children have a business and this has made me aware of challenges facing business in this town. I’m aware of the extra challenges businesses and employees face as a result of Covid19.

I think those who know me, understand that my motivation in applying for the opportunity to become a councillor is not for personal power or acclaim, but to improve people’s lives and support the progress this country is making towards becoming a safe and happy place for people to live.

Greg Mountain

Members, thank you for considering me as your divisional candidate.

I joined the party in 2012. Previous employment prevented me from active membership. I am an auditor and assessor of major government spending or revenue collection programmes.

As a candidate I offer your division:

Skills. I am a team player and leader, trained in public speaking and communication. I contributed to and wrote many reports on improving the delivery of services and food aid by international and national bodies to people at home and abroad.

Experience. As a skilled negotiator my career involved convincing senior United Nations, Central and Local Government officials to accept advice on improving their service delivery.

Commitment and passion. I am committed to winning elections for Labour candidates. With my teams’ support I achieved Labour’s best results for a Mid Sussex Labour candidate in 2015 and 2017 General Elections.

I care about people across Sussex. I’ve campaigned for a range of candidates in Mid Sussex, Crawley, Brighton Kemptown and Lewes

As Mid Sussex Labour’s European Champion I campaigned successfully, alongside a rainbow alliance of other parties, to get out a Remain vote of 52 %.

To: Labour Party members residing in the electoral divisions of Midhurst and the Rother Valley in the county of West Sussex.

Dawn Smith

In May 2019 I was elected as the Borough Ward Councillor for Broadwater, the ward where I have lived since 2009. I would like the opportunity to stand for County Council in Broadwater for a number of reasons, several are highlighted below.

I hope to build on the experience I have gained through representing the ward at Borough level. I have canvassed every road within the Ward. I know my ward’s issues and challenges and have always responded to all residents’ queries in a timely manner covering a wide variety of issues, many which fall under County remit.

My professional background is primarily education and more recently social care. I understand many of the issues faced by residents and have faced them personally. I have direct experience in working in special educational needs assessment and have been through the E&HCP process as a parent too. I am currently supporting a ward resident fighting for a SEND education placement. I have worked in respite care and have fought for it for my son too, regularly supporting and signposting residents in this field. I want to use my life experience to help support our most vulnerable residents.

I have worked with our County Council Group on a libraries petition. Unfortunately, it was launched the same day the GE2019 was called, so resources were redirected, but it did offer a great deal of community engagement with local residents who wanted to see our library service maintained. I will always fight for this vital County community asset.

West Sussex County Council needs many more Labour Councillors. If selected to challenge for Broadwater I will fight for policies that help our community and its resident’s County wide.


Deborah A Stainforth

I’m involved in local politics because I believe concern should lead to positive action. My concern is this government’s policies creating poverty and inequality. I’m working to strengthen our community and take practical steps to protect people from the worst of austerity.

I won the by-election to become a District Councillor in 2018 by campaigning hard and getting a good team behind me. I’m on Joint Scrutiny and Governance committees, co-run Labour’s Housing Policy Forum and
helped found Adur Collective Community Land Trust.

I support Over The Moon non-profit community arts organisation which promotes togetherness through creative activity. I helped them establish the Adur Repair Café. I’m working on a Community Garden & Orchard.
I set up a Neighbour Network response to C-19 then started our Gateway Hub with the community to deliver wrap-around care for people accessing the Foodbanks; for school uniform & kids’ clothes, basic necessities &
advice, toys & books for children. We raised £10k and are applying to become a charity. We pulled together to provide a Summer Lunch Club, delivered to 150 children every week.
I’m well known, with 2000 people supporting our projects. I’m excited to see how this community development approach will scale up to County Level.

John Turley

To be a successful County Councillor you need to be across the very wide responsibilities of the Council and be able to quickly take on board a lot of information. It is a demanding role and my extensive work experience as an analyst has given me the skills to do the job.

There are many challenges facing the Council on which the Tories are failing and where consequently the people of West Sussex are not receiving the support they need, especially the most vulnerable. Labour is doing a great job holding the Tories to account and I want to help with that vital work.

On top of this you also need to deal with the concerns of local residents and work towards making the changes that affect their everyday lives. I believe I would be an asset to the Labour Group in both of these areas.

I am confident that I can run a strong campaign. I have been attending Zoom campaigning training sessions run by Region and in particular am picking up ideas on how we can campaign during the Covid-19 crisis.

This is an exciting time for Labour both in Worthing, where we are a rapidly growing force, and across West Sussex, where the lamentable performance of the Tory Council has presented Labour with a great opportunity. We have strong Labour Groups in Worthing and West Sussex and I believe I can enhance those Groups with my experience and skills.

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